MicroLogistics is a China-based, international fulfillment service company that was jointly founded by MicroMart and Fulfillmen.

Our goal is to help interested entrepreneurs dropship MicroMart’s products. Hence, we (MicroMart and Fulfillmen) partnered together to give you the most efficient and least expensive fulfillment service in the industry. We created this new company to open up new opportunities to entrepreneurs and customers alike.

MicroMart is an online store that sells a wide variety of products. We sell foods, toys, kitchenware, silverware, electronics, etc. Our main goal is to help Chinese and non-Chinese buyers/sellers to transact goods without the problem of language barrier. Hence, our site is written both in Chinese and English.

Fulfillmen is an e-commerce fulfillment service company that aims to help entrepreneurs with their fulfillment needs. They find new ways to fulfill orders and at the least cost possible.

How do we serve?

We offer the following:


We will help you export your products from China to other countries via our latest fulfillment systems in place. We serve countries like Turkey, Indonesia, Australia and Russia. And we’re looking to serve more countries!


Importing to China can be difficult – legally and financially. Through MicroLogistics, we will help you legally import your products – without having to deal with the legal complexities (we do it ourselves) – and we help you minimize fees, such as taxes, tariffs and other charges.


If you’re from China, we can help you ship products locally.

Logistic Services

  • Air Cargo
  • Ship Freight
  • Express

Cross-Border E-Commerce

We also specialize in growing trend of e-commerce which is known as Cross-Border E-Commerce.

Cross-Border E-Commerce simply means buying and selling of goods either between two business (B2B) or for customers (B2C). While Cross-Border E-Commerce is not new – Amazon and eBay are some pioneering example – we take it to the next level by ensuring our shipping is efficient and by minimizing all tax and other charges as possible.

If you have any questions or request a quote, you can reach us through our Skype customer service!