Warehousing Solutions

MicroLogistics offers efficient warehousing handling and solution to efficiently manage and deliver all the products and goods imported in China.

Our warehouse is large enough to keep your products safe and secure (7,500 SQM +). Our workers are very efficient in handling your products as they move and switch places, and make sure their kept safe all the time. Our workers also are very experienced in their work!

We also have an automated warehousing system to save time (meaning faster movement for you), less mistakes (making sure your product goes to the right courier) and simply very efficient.

We offer FREE warehousing for fast moving products.
For non-moving goods, we charge 18.8 CNY/CBM per month.

We offer two types of warehousing solution:

Your Products are Always Available 100%
Materials Handling Equipment. 100%
High Transparency 100%
Outgoing Shipment 100%

Bounded Warehousing

If you’re buying as a customer, or just need at least 2 pieces of a particular product, bounded warehousing is good for you because it saves you from taxes and other charges that you would normally pay for an imported product.

If you purchase on MicroMart as a customer, MicroLogistics will take care of the warehousing through the “bounded” means, so you can save a few money on taxes and duties.

Normal Warehousing Solution

If you import products (from MicroMart) in bulk, you will have to pay the taxes and other duties. Nevertheless, MicroLogistics will make the process smoother for you than if you would work on it alone.

If your business is based in China and you need products from MicroMart from outside the country, you can work with us for your importing needs. Check our import services for more info.

Do you have any questions about warehousing? Talk to our customer representative now!